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IT Jobs in the Netherlands: A Market Overview

The Netherlands is one of the best variants for those who are looking for well paid IT vacancies. There are a lot of various offers in nearly all possible spheres. Among them you can find those with high or less level of competitiveness. Fields of IT jobs in the Netherlands with low competitiveness include niche programming languages, emerging technologies, and different specific IT roles (for example, .net developer jobs in Netherlands or android developer jobs in Netherlands).

At the same time, there are also in high demand such jobs as data scientist, full-stack developer, AI engineer, software engineer jobs in Netherlands. As the most highly paid offers can be mentioned such jobs as frontend developer jobs in Netherlands, web developer jobs in Netherlands, software developer jobs in Netherlands.

As you can see, the Netherlands has a great pool of IT vacancies and its market is only pretending to grow more and more. Here you can find an opportunity to work in any IT field as Netherlands tech jobs are widely presented. That is why you can find the most suitable one easily and get a well paid job in a European country. It does not matter which specialization you have, among Netherlands IT jobs you will surely find a needed one!

Specifics of IT Work for Foreigners in the Netherlands

If you are highly interested in tech jobs in Netherlands but live in another country, then remote IT jobs Netherlands or IT jobs in Netherlands for English speakers may be a solution for you. In this country conditions are common for the office jobs in other countries, while salary is much higher than in a range of countries.

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Language Requirements

Mainly, if you are an English speaker, it will be enough to look for and get IT jobs in Netherlands for foreigners. In the Netherlands there are a great number of people that are only speaking English, German or French, so it is not a problem.

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Opportunities for Remote Work

In the sphere of tech jobs Netherlands there is a great offer of remote jobs. That is why Netherlands IT jobs for foreigners are super accessible, so you can find a suitable one easily.

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Information About Visa Sponsorship

For foreigners there is such an opportunity in IT jobs in the Netherlands to get a sponsor (it can be a company or organization interested in you as a specialist). It makes the process of migration much easier.

Jobs Listing

Top Jobs for Developers in Netherlands

To work successfully, it’s essential to be confident in your technical skills. This means continuously improving your knowledge, staying current with industry trends, and mastering the tools and technologies relevant to your field. Regular practice, seeking feedback, and engaging in professional development can help you maintain and enhance your technical expertise. This solid foundation enables you to tackle challenges effectively, innovate, and excel in your career.

It can sound a bit strange, but the actual level of the language is not the main case in the communication process. Of course, it would be great to have a higher level of English, for example, but it is not crucial. So just develop your soft skills.

In most cases there is an ability to work remotely and then be invited to become an in-house worker in the company or get another job with a higher salary. So it would be great to explore it.

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If you are interested in a remote IT job or think about migration in the Netherlands for work, learn more about it now!

How to Become a Software Developer and Web Developer in the Netherlands

If you are looking for software engineer job vacancies then it would be important to know necessary skills and opportunities in this field. Mainly it depends on your goals. So set them properly, then decide whether it is needed to have a formal degree here, improve your hard and soft skills. It is the basis of the future successful career path.

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Wide Knoledge in User
Experience and User Interface

It is one the most important skills for all developers as it helps to make the product working perfectly suiting its main needs. So you need to know it to create intuitive and user-friendly programs.

frontend developer jobs in netherlands

Knowledge of
Programming Languages

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web developer jobs in netherlands

Skills in Seeking
Bugs and Solving Problems.

The process of development is not real without any troubles as we cannot predict all possible issues. That is why it is a super important skill to find the problem and solve it productively.

IT Jobs in All Dutch Provinces

The Netherlands boasts a thriving IT sector with exciting opportunities across all twelve provinces. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your career in tech, there’s a dynamic job market waiting to welcome you. In this guide, we’ll explore the IT landscape in each Dutch province, highlighting the in-demand skills and resources to help you find your perfect IT job.



Overijssel, a province in the Netherlands, is rapidly emerging as a tech hub with its robust network of innovative startups and tech companies. The region boasts advanced research institutions and a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, fostering significant advancements in technology and innovation.

Utrecht flag


Utrecht isn't officially a province, but it is a thriving center for technology in the Netherlands. The Utrecht Science Park, the largest science park in the country, houses research institutions and businesses at the forefront of innovation. This strong focus on technology makes Utrecht a major player in the Dutch economy.

Zeeland flag


While Zeeland itself isn't officially a designated tech province, there are initiatives within the province to develop its tidal power capabilities, showcasing a focus on renewable energy technology. This makes Zeeland a frontrunner in the Netherlands for sustainable tech advancements.

Gelderland flag


Gelderland, located in the Netherlands, is renowned for its strong emphasis on technology and innovation. The province hosts numerous research institutions and tech companies, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for startups and established enterprises alike.

Groningen flag


Groningen, a province in the northern Netherlands, is renowned for its vibrant tech ecosystem, housing numerous startups. The region is a hub for sustainable energy and digital innovation, fostering a collaborative environment that attracts talent and investment from around the world.

Limburg flag


Limburg, a dynamic tech province in the southeastern Netherlands, is known for its thriving innovation ecosystem and cutting-edge research institutions. It hosts a vibrant community of startups and tech companies, driving advancements in fields such as high-tech systems

North Brabant flag

North Brabant

North Brabant, located in the southern Netherlands, is a leading hub for technology and innovation, home to high-tech companies like ASML and Philips. The region boasts advanced research institutions, a vibrant startup ecosystem, and cutting-edge developments in areas such as semiconductor technology and smart mobility.

North Holland flag

North Holland

North Holland, a vibrant tech hub in the Netherlands, is renowned for its dynamic innovation ecosystem, hosting numerous startups, established tech companies. The province's strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and collaborative environment make it a magnet for tech talent and investment, driving advancements in fields like AI, fintech, and sustainable technologies.

South Holland flag

South Holland

South Holland, a vibrant tech province in the Netherlands, is renowned for its innovation hubs and research institutions, fostering a dynamic ecosystem for startups and established tech companies alike. The region's strategic location, combined with a strong infrastructure and collaboration between academia and industry.

Drenthe flag


Drenthe, located in the northeastern region of the Netherlands, boasts serene landscapes dotted with picturesque villages and heathlands, offering a tranquil escape from bustling city life.

Flevoland flag


Flevoland, the Netherlands' youngest province, was created from reclaimed land in the IJsselmeer, showcasing Dutch engineering prowess.

Friesland flag


Friesland, a province in the northern Netherlands, is renowned for its innovation in water management and sustainable energy technologies. With a strong focus on renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.

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Tech Jobs in the Netherlands for English-Speaking Specialists

So if you are looking for IT jobs Netherlands but live in another country then IT jobs Netherlands English speaking is a decision for you. And it gives you a wide range of benefits. They include a super English friendly community so that you do not need to learn a new language to work, a wide IT job market for any specialization, a comfortable working schedule as you may be used to in your country.

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Devops Developers

As companies increasingly seek specialists capable of handling both front-end and back-end development, the demand for such versatile professionals is growing. This trend is evident in the Netherlands job market, where there are numerous opportunities for Devops developers.

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Data Scientists and Analysts

Data scientists and analysts play a crucial role in interpreting complex data to drive informed decision-making within organizations. While data scientists often focus on advanced statistical modeling and machine learning, analysts typically concentrate on extracting actionable insights and trends from data.

IT Consultant

An IT consultant analyzes a company's IT needs and designs solutions to improve their systems and processes. That is why you can find a lot of such job offers in the Netherlands market, including IT jobs in Netherlands for foreigners.

software engineer jobs in netherlands

Software Developers and Engineers

This field is one of the most in-demand in the Netherlands. On the market, you can find requests for specialists working with different languages, such as Python, .NET, Java, and JavaScript. There are many software developer jobs in Netherlands available.


Cybersecurity Specialist

The demand for Cybersecurity Specialists in Netherlands is on the rise, with many companies seeking professionals to protect their digital assets. There are numerous opportunities for English-speaking individuals in this field, as international companies and startups alike value their expertise.

Frontend developer

Frontend Developer

A frontend developer specializes in creating the user interface and experience of web applications, ensuring that they are visually appealing and function smoothly. They use technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build responsive and interactive websites that enhance user engagement.

product manager

Product Manager

The role of a Product Manager in Netherlands is highly sought for English-speaking professionals. These positions often require expertise in overseeing product development, strategy, and cross-functional team collaboration.

IT Project Manager

IT Project Manager

An IT Project Manager oversees technology projects from inception to completion, ensuring they are delivered on time, within budget, and meet the specified requirements while coordinating with various stakeholders.

Mobile developer job

Mobile Developer

A Mobile Developer in the Netherlands focuses on creating and maintaining applications for mobile devices, ensuring they are user-friendly and functional across various platforms. There are numerous IT jobs, offering opportunities for skilled professionals to work in a vibrant and innovative tech environment.

Backend Developer

A Backend Developer is responsible for building and maintaining the server-side logic, databases, and application programming interfaces (APIs) that power web and mobile applications. They ensure seamless data exchange, security, and performance, enabling the frontend to function effectively and deliver a smooth user experience.

UI UX designer job

UX/UI Designer

A UX/UI Designer focuses on creating intuitive and engaging user experiences for digital products by combining user research, design principles, and aesthetic elements. They ensure that interfaces are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, enhancing overall user satisfaction and interaction.

QA Engineer

QA Engineers are responsible for ensuring the quality and functionality of software products through rigorous testing and analysis. They develop and execute test plans, identify bugs, and collaborate with development teams to improve software performance and reliability.

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