Product Manager Jobs in Netherlands

Overview of the Product Manager Jobs in Netherlands

Product manager positions in the Netherlands are highly sought-after roles within the tech industry. These professionals play a crucial role in the development and success of products by bridging the gap between customer needs, market trends, and technical feasibility.

In the Netherlands, product managers are often responsible for defining product strategies, prioritizing features, and overseeing the entire product lifecycle. They collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including engineering, design, marketing, and sales, to ensure that the product meets customer expectations and business objectives.

Product Manager Jobs​ Market Landscape

Responsibilities of Product Manager in Netherlands

Here are the key responsibilities typically associated with product manager roles in the Netherlands:

  1. Defining Product Strategy: Product managers in the Netherlands are responsible for defining clear product strategies aligned with business objectives and market demands.

  2. Market Analysis: They conduct market research and analysis to identify customer needs, market trends, and competitive landscapes within the Netherlands and potentially broader European markets.

  3. Prioritizing Features: Product managers prioritize product features and enhancements based on customer feedback, business goals, and technical feasibility.

  4. Cross-functional Collaboration: They collaborate closely with cross-functional teams including engineering, design, marketing, and sales to ensure alignment and successful product development.

  5. Agile Project Management: Proficiency in agile methodologies is crucial for product managers in the Netherlands to oversee product development processes, manage sprints, and adapt to changing requirements.

  6. User Experience (UX) Design: They work closely with UX designers to create intuitive and user-friendly product experiences tailored to the preferences of Dutch and European users.

  7. Product Roadmap Development: Product managers create and maintain product roadmaps outlining the vision, milestones, and timeline for product development, taking into account local market nuances.

  8. Customer Engagement: They gather feedback from customers and stakeholders within the Netherlands to iterate on product features and enhancements, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  9. Data-driven Decision Making: Product managers use data analytics and metrics to make informed decisions regarding product performance, user engagement, and future development directions.

  10. Compliance and Regulation: Given the regulatory environment in the Netherlands and the European Union, product managers ensure that products comply with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

These responsibilities reflect the multifaceted role of product managers in the Netherlands, emphasizing the need for strategic thinking, collaboration, and adaptability in a dynamic market landscape.

Skills Required for Product Manager in Netherlands

Product managers in the Netherlands need a diverse skill set to excel in their roles. Here are some essential skills required:

  1. Strategic Thinking: Ability to formulate and execute product strategies aligned with business objectives and market demands.

  2. Market Analysis: Proficiency in market research and analysis to identify customer needs, market trends, and competitive landscapes.

  3. Cross-functional Collaboration: Strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with cross-functional teams including engineering, design, marketing, and sales.

  4. Agile Methodologies: Experience in agile project management to oversee product development processes, manage sprints, and adapt to changing requirements.

  5. User Experience (UX) Design: Understanding of UX design principles to create intuitive and user-friendly product experiences.

  6. Product Roadmapping: Skill in creating and maintaining product roadmaps outlining the vision, milestones, and timeline for product development.

  7. Customer Engagement: Ability to gather and analyze customer feedback to iterate on product features and enhancements, ensuring customer satisfaction.

  8. Data Analysis: Proficiency in data analytics and metrics to make data-driven decisions regarding product performance and user engagement.

  9. Leadership: Strong leadership skills to inspire and motivate cross-functional teams towards achieving product goals.

  10. Problem-solving: Aptitude for identifying and solving complex problems that arise during product development and lifecycle management.

  11. Adaptability: Ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and prioritize tasks accordingly.

  12. Regulatory Compliance: Understanding of relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards to ensure product compliance.

These skills enable product managers in the Netherlands to drive innovation, deliver value to customers, and achieve business success in a dynamic and competitive market environment.

Product Manager Vacancies in Large Dutch Companies

Here are some notable Dutch companies where you might find product manager vacancies:

  1. Philips: Known for its health technology products, Philips often seeks product managers to drive innovation in healthcare, consumer electronics, and lighting solutions.

  2. ASML: A leading supplier of photolithography equipment used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, ASML may have opportunities for product managers to contribute to the development of cutting-edge technology.

  3. ING Group: As one of the largest banking and financial services companies in the Netherlands, ING Group could offer product manager positions related to digital banking, financial products, and fintech innovations.

  4. Royal Dutch Shell: With its focus on energy and petrochemical products, Shell may have openings for product managers to work on sustainable energy solutions, lubricants, and other related products.

  5. Unilever: A multinational consumer goods company, Unilever might have product manager positions in areas such as food and beverage, personal care, and home care products.

  6. Operating one of the world’s largest online travel agencies, could offer opportunities for product managers to enhance the user experience and develop innovative travel-related products and services.

  7. Heineken: As a major brewery and beverage company, Heineken may have product manager roles focused on beer brands and related products.

For those seeking IT jobs in Netherlands, it’s recommended to browse through the careers sections of prominent Dutch companies’ websites or utilize job search platforms tailored to the Netherlands, such as or LinkedIn. These platforms often feature a wide range of IT job openings, including product manager roles, across various industries. Additionally, networking within the IT industry and attending relevant events or conferences can provide valuable insights and connections that may lead to potential job opportunities.

Top Dutch Cities to Find Jobs Product Manager

The Netherlands offers several vibrant cities where product manager positions are frequently available. Here are some of the top Dutch cities to consider for finding product manager jobs:

  1. Amsterdam: As the capital city and a major hub for technology and innovation, Amsterdam boasts numerous opportunities for product managers across various industries, including tech startups, finance, e-commerce, and healthcare.

  2. Rotterdam: With its bustling port and strong industrial base, Rotterdam is home to many multinational corporations and innovative startups, making it an attractive destination for product manager roles, particularly in logistics, manufacturing, and technology sectors.

  3. Utrecht: Known for its central location and thriving business community, Utrecht offers a range of product manager opportunities in industries such as information technology, healthcare, and consulting, thanks to its proximity to both Amsterdam and other major Dutch cities.

  4. Eindhoven: Often referred to as the “Brainport” region, Eindhoven is a technology and innovation hotspot, housing companies like Philips and ASML. It offers abundant opportunities for product managers in high-tech industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, healthcare technology, and smart mobility solutions.

  5. The Hague (Den Haag): As the political capital of the Netherlands and a hub for international organizations, The Hague hosts a diverse range of industries, including government, finance, cybersecurity, and international development, providing opportunities for product managers with varied interests and expertise.

  6. Groningen: With its vibrant student population and growing startup ecosystem, Groningen offers opportunities for product managers in emerging tech sectors, digital innovation, and sustainable energy solutions, among others.

These cities not only offer a wide array of job opportunities but also provide an excellent quality of life, diverse cultural experiences, and efficient transportation networks, making them attractive destinations for both local and international professionals seeking product manager roles in the Netherlands.

Product Manager Salary in Netherlands

The salary for a Product Manager in the Netherlands can vary depending on several factors, including experience, the specific company, and the industry. Here’s a general idea:

  • Average total compensation: €104,261 [USD equivalent depends on exchange rate] (according to
  • Range: €37,000 – €111,000 (according to Payscale)
  • Median: €80,698 (gross) or $91,000 (USD equivalent).

Factors affecting salary:

  • Experience: Early career product managers can expect a lower salary than those with mid-level or senior experience.
  • Company: Larger, multinational companies and tech startups may offer higher salaries than smaller companies.
  • Industry: Certain industries, like finance or technology, may pay a premium for product managers.
  • Remote vs. on-site: Remote product managers might have a slightly different salary range.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Product Manager Job Market

The product manager job market presents both challenges and opportunities for professionals looking to pursue or advance in this career path. Here’s a closer look at some of the key aspects:


  1. Competition: The field of product management is becoming increasingly competitive, with more professionals seeking opportunities in this role. This heightened competition means that candidates may face challenges in standing out among their peers.

  2. Skill Requirements: Product managers are expected to possess a diverse skill set, including strategic thinking, technical knowledge, market analysis, and leadership abilities. Meeting these skill requirements can be challenging, especially for individuals transitioning from other roles or industries.

  3. Rapidly Changing Landscape: The technology landscape and consumer preferences are constantly evolving, posing challenges for product managers to stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies.

  4. Balancing Stakeholder Needs: Product managers often need to balance the needs and priorities of various stakeholders, including customers, internal teams, executives, and investors. Navigating these competing interests can be challenging, requiring strong communication and negotiation skills.


  1. Growing Demand: Despite the challenges, there is a growing demand for skilled product managers, particularly in technology-driven industries such as software, e-commerce, fintech, and healthcare. This demand presents abundant opportunities for professionals with the right skills and experience.

  2. Impactful Role: Product managers play a pivotal role in driving innovation, shaping user experiences, and delivering value to customers. This level of influence and impact can be highly rewarding for individuals who are passionate about building products that make a difference.

  3. Continuous Learning: The dynamic nature of product management offers opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth. Product managers have the chance to explore new technologies, methodologies, and industries, enhancing their skill set and staying ahead of the curve.

  4. Global Mobility: Product management skills are in demand not only in the Netherlands but also worldwide. This presents opportunities for professionals to explore job opportunities in other countries, broaden their experience, and work with diverse teams and cultures.

Overall, while the product manager job market presents its challenges, it also offers exciting opportunities for professionals to make a meaningful impact, advance their careers, and contribute to the success of innovative products and companies.

Tips for Finding a Product Manager Jobs in Netherlands

  1. Networking: Tap into professional networks, both online and offline, to connect with industry professionals, attend events, and stay updated on job opportunities. Platforms like LinkedIn can be particularly valuable for networking and job hunting.

  2. Research Companies: Identify companies in the Netherlands that align with your interests, values, and career goals. Research their products, culture, and job openings to target your applications effectively.

  3. Customize Your Resume and Cover Letter: Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight relevant skills, experiences, and achievements that match the requirements of product manager roles. Use keywords from job descriptions to optimize your application for applicant tracking systems (ATS).

  4. Utilize Job Search Platforms: Explore job search platforms specific to the Netherlands, such as,, and LinkedIn Jobs. Set up job alerts to receive notifications for new product manager openings.

  5. Check Company Websites: Regularly visit the careers pages of companies you’re interested in to search for product manager vacancies. Some companies may prefer direct applications through their websites rather than through job boards.

  6. Attend Industry Events and Conferences: Participate in industry events, conferences, workshops, and meetups related to product management. These events provide opportunities to network, learn from experts, and discover job openings.

  7. Skill Development: Continuously develop and enhance your skills to stay competitive in the job market. Consider pursuing relevant certifications, attending training programs, or completing online courses in areas such as agile methodologies, UX design, and data analysis.

  8. Informational Interviews: Reach out to professionals working in product management roles in the Netherlands for informational interviews. These conversations can provide valuable insights into the industry, companies, and job opportunities.

  9. Consider Contract or Freelance Work: Be open to contract or freelance product manager roles, especially if you’re looking to gain experience or explore different industries or companies.

  10. Be Persistent and Patient: Job hunting can be a challenging process, so stay persistent, patient, and resilient. Keep refining your approach, learning from rejections, and staying positive throughout your job search journey.

By implementing these tips and staying proactive in your job search, you can increase your chances of finding product manager opportunities in the Netherlands that align with your career aspirations.

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