Tech Jobs in Assen

Overview of IT Environment and Tech Jobs in Assen

Assen, a city in the northern Netherlands, is gaining recognition as a growing tech hub. With a supportive business environment and focus on innovation, Assen offers various opportunities for IT professionals.

Assen’s growing IT environment offers numerous opportunities for professionals in various tech roles. With its focus on innovation, supportive educational institutions, and collaborative community, Assen is an attractive destination for IT talent looking to advance their careers in a dynamic and evolving tech hub.

Your Guide to Landing a Job in Assen

Key IT Industries in Assen

Assen, a city in the northern Netherlands, is emerging as a significant player in the tech sector. The city’s growing focus on innovation and technology is reflected in its diverse range of key IT industries. Here are some of the primary IT industries driving growth and development in Assen.

  • Overview: Assen is at the forefront of smart city initiatives, using technology to improve urban living and sustainability.
  • Key Players: Local government projects, tech startups.
  • Technologies: IoT (Internet of Things), data analytics, smart grids, urban mobility solutions.
  • Overview: Companies in Assen are developing advanced communication solutions and infrastructure to support connectivity and network management.
  • Key Players: Regional telecom providers, tech companies specializing in network solutions.
  • Technologies: 5G, broadband networks, wireless communication, IoT.
  • Overview: Assen hosts various firms that provide ICT services and develop custom software solutions for businesses.
  • Key Players: ICT service providers, software development firms.
  • Technologies: Cloud computing, mobile app development, enterprise software, web development.
  • Overview: The health technology sector in Assen focuses on developing digital health solutions and medical technologies to improve patient care.
  • Key Players: Healthtech startups, local hospitals.
  • Technologies: Telemedicine, health data analytics, wearable health devices, medical software.
  • Overview: Assen is dedicated to sustainable energy solutions, leveraging technology to develop renewable energy systems and smart grids.
  • Key Players: Energy companies, sustainability-focused tech firms.
  • Technologies: Renewable energy, energy management systems, smart grid technology, energy storage solutions.
  • Overview: The logistics sector in Assen is enhanced by tech companies focusing on improving supply chain efficiency and innovation.
  • Key Players: Logistics tech startups, transport companies.
  • Technologies: Supply chain management software, automation, IoT for logistics, warehouse management systems.
  • Overview: The agritech sector applies technology to agriculture, aiming to increase efficiency and sustainability in food production.
  • Key Players: Agritech startups, research institutions.
  • Technologies: Precision farming, agricultural robotics, IoT in agriculture, data analytics for farming.
  • Overview: Assen’s automotive tech industry focuses on developing smart mobility solutions and advanced automotive technologies.
  • Key Players: Automotive tech startups, research institutions.
  • Technologies: Autonomous vehicles, electric vehicle technology, smart mobility solutions, connected car technology.

Assen’s diverse IT landscape spans several key industries, each contributing to the city’s reputation as a growing tech hub. From smart city technologies and telecommunications to healthtech and energy solutions, Assen offers a dynamic environment for innovation and technological advancement. These industries provide numerous opportunities for IT professionals to contribute to cutting-edge projects and drive growth in the region.

Popular Tech Jobs in Assen

Assen, a growing tech hub in the northern Netherlands, offers a range of exciting career opportunities for IT professionals. The city’s focus on innovation across various sectors makes it an attractive destination for tech talent. Here are some of the most popular tech jobs in Assen.

  • Overview: Software Developers develop and maintain software applications across various sectors.
  • Key Skills: Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, .NET, Agile methodologies.
  • Typical Employers: ICT service providers, software development firms, smart city projects.
  • Overview: Data Scientists analyze complex data sets to provide insights and support decision-making.
  • Key Skills: Machine learning, Python, R, SQL, data visualization.
  • Typical Employers: Healthtech startups, energy companies, telecommunications firms.
  • Overview: DevOps Engineer implements and manages CI/CD pipelines and cloud infrastructure.
  • Key Skills: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS/Azure, scripting languages.
  • Typical Employers: Software development firms, tech startups, large corporations.
  • Overview: Cybersecurity Specialists protect digital assets and ensure the security of information systems.
  • Key Skills: Network security, encryption, threat detection, risk management.
  • Typical Employers: Cybersecurity firms, large enterprises, ICT service providers.
  • Overview: UX/UI Designer designs user interfaces and experiences for digital products.
  • Key Skills: Wireframing, prototyping, user research, Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma.
  • Typical Employers: Software development firms, healthtech startups, e-commerce companies.
  • Overview: Manage and maintain IT infrastructure and networks.
  • Key Skills: Windows/Linux administration, network management, virtualization, cloud services.
  • Typical Employers: Energy companies, healthcare institutions, IT firms.
  • Overview: IT Project Manager leads IT projects from inception to completion, ensuring alignment with business goals.
  • Key Skills: Project management, Agile/Scrum, stakeholder communication, risk management.
  • Typical Employers: ICT service providers, large enterprises, tech startups.
  • Overview: Mobile App Developer develops applications for mobile platforms.
  • Key Skills: iOS (Swift, Objective-C), Android (Kotlin, Java), Flutter, React Native.
  • Typical Employers: Tech startups, software development firms, e-commerce companies.
  • Overview: Analyze business data to provide obtainable insights.
  • Key Skills: SQL, Tableau, Power BI, data modeling, ETL processes.
  • Typical Employers: Large enterprises, consultancy firms, tech companies.

IT Jobs in Assen for English Speakers

Here are some IT job opportunities in Assen, Netherlands, for English speakers:

  1. ERP Technical Consultant at Abas France:

    • Role involves helping industrial SMEs digitize their business with German software abas ERP.
    • Location: Assen.
  2. Project Buyer at Resato Hydrogen Technology BV:

    • Represent the purchasing department within R&D projects and industrialization projects.
    • Location: Assen.
  3. Sales Manager (Medical Devices) at ANGEHEUERT Recruiting:

    • Make a significant contribution to the healthcare industry.
    • Location: Assen.
  4. Project Manager I at ICON:

    • Diverse role in a company focused on improving patients’ lives.
    • Location: Assen.

Top IT Companies Hiring in Assen

Here are some top IT companies currently hiring in Assen:

  1. AvePoint:

    • Specializes in optimizing SaaS operations and securing collaboration environments.
    • Offers mental health benefits, generous parental leave, and a diverse work environment.
  2. Celonis:

    • Provides business process optimization through process mining technology.
    • Known for a supportive company culture with generous PTO and diversity employee resource groups.
  3. Workiva:

    • Focuses on simplifying regulatory, financial, and operational reporting with its cloud platform.
    • Offers benefits such as company-sponsored happy hours, birthday leave, and mandated unconscious bias training.
  4. Resato Hydrogen Technology BV:

    • A leading company in the hydrogen refueling industry, offering opportunities in business intelligence and IT consulting.
  5. ICON:

    • A company dedicated to advancing and improving patients’ lives through diverse teams and innovative solutions in the healthcare industry.

Assen IT Jobs Salary Trends

In Assen, IT job salaries are experiencing a notable increase in 2024. According to the latest data from Robert Half and Reed, several trends are shaping the salary landscape for IT professionals:

  1. General Salary Trends:

    • IT professionals can expect salary increases as companies strive to attract and retain top talent in a competitive market. Employers are more inclined to offer higher starting salaries and additional perks to meet the demand for skilled workers​.
  2. Specific IT Roles and Salaries:

    • Software Developers: Entry-level roles start around €60,000 annually, with mid-level positions ranging from €70,000 to €85,000.
    • Data Scientists: Salaries for data scientists typically range from €75,000 to €100,000, depending on experience and expertise.
    • Cybersecurity Analysts: These roles command salaries between €65,000 and €90,000, reflecting the high demand for cybersecurity skills.
  3. Perks and Benefits:

    • Flexible work arrangements, mental health benefits, and professional development opportunities are increasingly offered to attract talent.
    • Salary transparency is becoming more common, which helps candidates assess the value of their offers more accurately and negotiate better​.

These trends indicate that the IT job market in Assen is robust, with competitive compensation packages designed to attract top-tier professionals in various tech domains. The market for tech jobs in Netherlands shows significant growth, reflecting similar patterns nationwide. According to sources like Robert Half and Reed, salaries for IT professionals are rising as companies compete for skilled talent.

IT Community in Assen

Assen, a city in the northern part of the Netherlands, has a growing IT community with various opportunities and resources for professionals and enthusiasts in the tech industry. Here are some key points about the IT community in Assen:

  • TT Circuit Assen: Known for its motorsport events, it also integrates technology in its operations, attracting IT professionals interested in sports tech.
  • Sensor City Assen: A field lab for sensor technology, providing a platform for innovation and development in the IoT (Internet of Things) sector.
  • Various SMEs: There are several small to medium-sized enterprises in Assen specializing in software development, IT services, and tech solutions.
  1. IT Circle Noord-Nederland: A network for IT professionals in the northern Netherlands, including Assen, facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration.
  2. Meetups and Tech Events: Regular meetups, hackathons, and workshops organized by local tech enthusiasts and professionals. These events are often posted on platforms like and Eventbrite.
  3. Assen Code Club: A community-driven initiative focusing on coding and programming, suitable for both beginners and experienced developers.
  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences: Located in nearby Groningen, it offers various IT-related programs and collaborates with Assen-based companies for internships and projects.
  • Drenthe College: Provides vocational education and training in IT and related fields.
  • De Drentse Zaak: A co-working space in Assen providing a collaborative environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.
  • The Podium: Another popular co-working space offering modern amenities and networking opportunities.
  • Tech Conferences: Periodic conferences focusing on various aspects of technology, attracting speakers and attendees from across the region.
  • Hackathons: Local hackathons that bring together developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to solve problems and innovate.
  1. Local Government Support: The municipality of Assen supports IT initiatives and innovation through various programs and funding opportunities.
  2. IT Consultancy Firms: Several consultancy firms in Assen offer services ranging from software development to IT infrastructure and cybersecurity.

This vibrant and diverse IT community in Assen makes it an attractive location for tech professionals, startups, and companies looking to innovate and grow.

Strategies For Finding Top IT Vacancies in Assen

Finding top IT vacancies in Assen involves a combination of online resources, networking, and utilizing local opportunities. Here are some effective strategies:

1. Online Job Portals

  • LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn’s job search feature to find IT vacancies in Assen. Join relevant groups and follow companies based in Assen to get updates on new job postings.
  • Indeed: Search for IT jobs in Assen on Indeed, which aggregates listings from various sources.
  • Glassdoor: Check Glassdoor for job listings as well as company reviews to understand the work environment and salary expectations.
  • Monster: Another job portal that lists IT vacancies and offers resources for resume building and interview preparation.

2. Company Websites

  • Direct Applications: Visit the career pages of key IT companies in Assen. Companies often post vacancies on their own websites before listing them on job portals.
  • Local IT Firms: Explore opportunities at smaller, local IT firms and startups, which may have less competition compared to larger companies.

3. Networking

  • Professional Networks: Join IT Circle Noord-Nederland and other local professional networks. Attend events and meetups to connect with industry professionals.
  • Look for tech meetups in Assen. These gatherings can be a great way to meet potential employers or colleagues who can refer you to job openings.
  • Conferences and Workshops: Attend IT conferences and workshops in Assen and nearby cities to network and learn about job openings.

4. Recruitment Agencies

  • Local Recruitment Agencies: Partner with recruitment agencies that specialize in IT roles. They often have access to unadvertised positions and can match you with suitable vacancies.
  • National Agencies: Utilize larger, well-known recruitment agencies that operate across the Netherlands and have listings for Assen.

5. Social Media

  • LinkedIn: Actively use LinkedIn to search for jobs, connect with recruiters, and engage with posts related to IT vacancies.
  • Facebook Groups: Join Facebook groups focused on IT jobs in the Netherlands or specifically in Assen.
  • Twitter: Follow companies and recruiters on Twitter. Many post job openings and industry news.

6. Local Resources

  • Municipality of Assen: Check the local government’s website for employment resources and job fairs.
  • Chambers of Commerce: The Kamer van Koophandel (KVK) often has information on local businesses and job openings.

7. Educational Institutions

  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences: Utilize the career services at Hanze University for job listings and internships.
  • Drenthe College: Check their job boards and career services for opportunities.

8. Specialized Job Boards

  • Tech Job Boards: Websites like Stack Overflow Jobs, GitHub Jobs, and Dice specialize in tech job listings and can be useful for finding IT vacancies.

9. Alumni Networks

  • University Alumni Networks: Use alumni networks to connect with former students who are now working in the IT industry in Assen.

10. Freelancing and Contract Work

  • Freelance Platforms: Consider freelancing platforms like Upwork or Freelancer to find contract work that can lead to full-time opportunities.
  • Local Freelance Communities: Join local freelance communities to network and find temporary IT projects.

11. Company Visits

  • Informational Interviews: Schedule informational interviews with companies you are interested in to learn about their hiring processes and upcoming opportunities.
  • Company Events: Attend open houses or company-hosted events to network and learn about job openings.

By combining these strategies, you can increase your chances of finding top IT vacancies in Assen and securing a role that aligns with your skills and career goals.

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