Tech Jobs in Lelystad

Overview of IT Environment and Tech Jobs in Lelystad

Lelystad, located in the province of Flevoland, Netherlands, has a growing IT and tech job market. This growth is driven by various factors, including the establishment and expansion of companies in the region.

Overall, the IT and tech job market in Lelystad is expanding, particularly with the development of new, high-tech facilities and the growth of telecom infrastructure projects. This growth provides ample opportunities for tech professionals looking to advance their careers in a dynamic and evolving environment.

Your Guide to Landing a Job in Lelystad

Key IT Industries in Lelystad

Lelystad, situated in Flevoland, Netherlands, hosts a diverse range of key IT industries contributing to its growing technology sector. These industries include:

  1. Telecommunications:

    • Companies like Allinq play a significant role in developing and maintaining telecommunications infrastructure, especially focusing on fiber optic networks. Positions in this industry include engineers and technicians skilled in network design and maintenance​.
  2. Logistics and Automation:

    • With the upcoming JYSK distribution centre, logistics and automation are prominent industries. The facility will feature advanced material handling systems, automated picking and packing, and high bay warehouses, requiring expertise in robotics, automation engineering, and logistics management.
  3. Manufacturing and Assembly:

    • The manufacturing sector includes companies like Giant, which involves roles such as assembly line technicians and engineers, particularly in bicycle production. This industry demands technical knowledge and hands-on skills in manufacturing processes​.
  4. Software Development and IT Services:

    • There is a growing need for software developers and IT service professionals to support various industries in Lelystad. These roles encompass software development, IT support, systems integration, and network administration.
  5. Renewable Energy and Sustainability:

    • Lelystad is also investing in renewable energy and sustainability projects, contributing to the IT sector through the implementation of smart grids, energy management systems, and sustainable technologies.

These industries collectively enhance Lelystad’s IT landscape, providing numerous opportunities for professionals in various technical fields. The presence of large-scale projects and companies signifies a robust and evolving IT environment in the region.

Popular Tech Jobs in Lelystad

Lelystad’s IT and tech job market is thriving, with several popular roles across various industries. Here are some of the most sought-after tech jobs in the region:

  1. Network Engineer:

    • Particularly in the telecommunications sector, network engineers specializing in fiber optic networks are in high demand. Companies like Allinq are seeking professionals with experience in AutoCAD and network infrastructure development​.
  2. Automation Engineer:

    • With the upcoming JYSK distribution centre, there is a significant need for automation engineers. These roles involve designing, implementing, and maintaining automated systems for material handling and warehouse management​.
  3. Software Developer:

    • Software developers are crucial for creating and maintaining applications and systems used across various industries in Lelystad. This includes roles in web development, mobile app development, and enterprise software solutions.
  4. IT Support Specialist:

    • IT support specialists are needed to provide technical assistance and support for computer systems, software, and hardware. This role is essential for ensuring smooth IT operations in both small and large organizations.
  5. Data Analyst:

    • Data analysts are in demand to help organizations make informed decisions by analyzing large datasets. They play a key role in identifying trends, generating insights, and supporting business strategies.
  6. Logistics Coordinator:

    • In the logistics sector, logistics coordinators are responsible for overseeing the efficient movement of goods and materials. With the automation and technological advancements at facilities like the JYSK distribution centre, this role increasingly requires tech-savvy professionals​.
  7. Cybersecurity Specialist:

    • Cybersecurity specialists are critical for protecting organizations’ information systems and data from cyber threats. This role involves implementing security measures, monitoring for breaches, and responding to security incidents.
  8. Robotics Technician:

    • As automation becomes more prevalent, robotics technicians are essential for maintaining and repairing robotic systems used in manufacturing and distribution.

These roles reflect the diverse and evolving tech landscape in Lelystad, offering numerous opportunities for professionals with varying skill sets and expertise.

IT Jobs in Lelystad for English Speakers

Lelystad offers various IT and tech job opportunities for English speakers across different industries. Here are some of the key positions currently available:

  1. Network Engineer and IT Specialist:

    • Companies such as ING Netherlands are hiring for roles like Senior SRE Engineer and IT Chapter Lead. These positions involve global practices to improve service reliability and offer substantial salaries, reflecting the high demand for IT expertise in the region.
  2. Logistics and Automation:

    • The logistics sector has numerous openings for English speakers. For example, GXO Logistics in Lelystad is looking for logistics employees to manage clothing, shoes, and accessories, with English being the primary working language​​. Similarly, JYSK’s new distribution centre will likely require skilled professionals in logistics and automation once operational​​.
  3. Manufacturing and Technical Roles:

    • Farm Dairy is hiring forklift drivers, emphasizing English-speaking candidates. This role requires a forklift certificate and offers competitive wages for full-time positions. Additionally, Giant, the bicycle manufacturer, is looking for logistics employees, providing another opportunity for those with technical skills​.
  4. Sales and Customer Support:

    • Companies such as Stryker and Ralph Lauren are recruiting for sales support and representative roles in their Lelystad locations. These positions are well-suited for English speakers with excellent communication skills and experience in sales or customer support​​.
  5. Specialized Technical Roles:

    • SPECTO Aerospace is offering positions for composite specialists and sheet metal specialists at their Lelystad Airport facility. These roles require specific technical skills and provide a chance to work in a certified aerospace-technical environment.

Top IT Companies Hiring in Lelystad

Lelystad has a number of prominent IT companies and tech employers that are actively hiring. Here are some of the top companies in the region:

  • ING Netherlands:

    • ING is a major financial institution with a strong focus on digital innovation and IT services. They have several openings for IT professionals, including roles like Senior SRE Engineer and IT Chapter Lead. These positions are crucial for improving the reliability of ING’s services globally​​.
  • JYSK:

    • The international retail chain JYSK is expanding its operations with a new state-of-the-art distribution centre in Lelystad. This facility will create numerous IT and automation-related jobs, particularly in logistics and warehouse management​.
  • Allinq:

    • Allinq is a leading company in the telecommunications sector, providing services related to network infrastructure, including fiber optic networks. They are hiring network engineers and technicians, especially those with experience in AutoCAD and telecom infrastructure​.
  • SPECTO Aerospace:

    • SPECTO Aerospace, located at Lelystad Airport, is a certified aerospace-technical company. They are looking for specialists in composite materials and sheet metal, roles that often require specific IT skills related to aerospace engineering and technical maintenance.

These companies are driving the growth of Lelystad’s IT and tech job market, offering diverse opportunities for professionals with various skill sets. The region’s focus on expanding logistics, retail, and telecom sectors provides a dynamic environment for IT careers. With prominent employers like ING Netherlands, JYSK, GXO Logistics, Allinq, SPECTO Aerospace, Farm Dairy, and Ralph Lauren, Lelystad is becoming a key hub for tech jobs in Netherlands. This growth is creating a wealth of opportunities for IT professionals to thrive in various industries, from logistics and automation to telecommunications and aerospace engineering.

Lelystad IT Jobs Salary Trends

The IT job market in Lelystad, as well as more broadly in the Netherlands, is experiencing several noteworthy trends in 2024. Despite economic uncertainties and previous mass layoffs in major tech companies, the demand for IT professionals remains robust, and salary growth continues, albeit at a slower pace compared to the previous decade’s rapid increases.

IT salaries in Lelystad are seeing modest increases. On average, tech salaries are expected to grow by about 2% in 2024. Strategic and emerging technology skills, particularly in areas like AI, cybersecurity, and cloud computing, command higher wages and remain in high demand. For example, AI-focused software engineers are seeing a salary bump of 8-12% compared to their peers​.

  1. Software Engineers: The average salary for software engineers is approximately €55,000 to €70,000 per year. Those with specialized skills in AI and machine learning can earn higher, ranging from €65,000 to €80,000 annually.

  2. Cybersecurity Analysts: Professionals in cybersecurity are highly sought after, with average salaries ranging from €60,000 to €75,000 per year, depending on their level of expertise and experience.

  3. Cloud Computing Specialists: Cloud specialists are also in high demand, with salaries averaging between €58,000 and €72,000 per year​.

  4. IT Project Managers: Experienced IT project managers can expect to earn between €65,000 and €85,000 per year. This role remains one of the most in-demand within the tech sector.

  5. Data Scientists: Data scientists and database managers typically earn between €60,000 and €75,000 annually. The demand for data professionals continues to be strong as companies prioritize data-driven decision-making​.

Overall, the IT job market in Lelystad offers competitive salaries, particularly for those with specialized skills in emerging technologies and several years of experience.

IT Community in Lelystad

The IT community in Lelystad is growing, reflecting the broader trend of increasing tech activity across the Netherlands. Here are some key aspects of the IT community in Lelystad:

  1. Tech Meetups and Networking Events: Lelystad hosts various tech meetups and networking events that bring together IT professionals, enthusiasts, and companies. These events provide opportunities for learning, sharing knowledge, and building professional connections. Websites like often list such events in the region.

  2. Coworking Spaces and Innovation Hubs: There are coworking spaces and innovation hubs in and around Lelystad that cater to tech startups and freelancers. These spaces foster collaboration and innovation by providing a conducive environment for tech professionals to work and interact.

  3. Educational Institutions: Lelystad benefits from proximity to educational institutions in the Netherlands that offer IT and technology programs. These institutions produce a steady stream of qualified IT graduates who often join the local tech workforce.

  4. Tech Companies and Startups: A number of tech companies and startups operate in Lelystad and the surrounding area. These companies range from small startups to larger enterprises, contributing to a vibrant tech ecosystem. They often engage with the community through internships, collaborations, and sponsorships of tech events.

  5. Online Communities and Forums: There are various online platforms where IT professionals from Lelystad connect, share ideas, and discuss industry trends. Platforms like LinkedIn groups, local tech forums, and social media groups are popular for these interactions.

  6. Local Government and Economic Development Initiatives: The local government in Lelystad actively promotes economic development, including the growth of the IT sector. There are initiatives aimed at attracting tech companies and supporting local startups through grants, subsidies, and business support services.

For more detailed and up-to-date information, exploring local resources like community websites, tech event listings, and local government announcements can be very helpful. These sources provide insights into specific events, initiatives, and opportunities within the Lelystad IT community.

Strategies For Finding Top IT Vacancies in Lelystad

Here are some effective strategies for finding top IT vacancies in Lelystad:

  1. Utilize Job Portals: Websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor regularly list IT job vacancies. Set up job alerts on these platforms to receive notifications for new openings that match your criteria.

  2. Network at Local Tech Meetups: Attend local tech meetups and networking events in Lelystad to connect with IT professionals and companies. is a good resource to find relevant events.

  3. Check Company Websites: Many companies post job openings on their own websites. Identify key tech companies in Lelystad and regularly check their career pages.

  4. Engage with Recruitment Agencies: Agencies like Robert Half and Randstad specialize in IT recruitment and can help match you with suitable vacancies in Lelystad.

  5. Join Online Tech Communities: Participate in online forums and LinkedIn groups focused on the IT industry in the Netherlands. These communities often share job postings and opportunities.

  6. Leverage Social Media: Follow tech companies and recruitment agencies on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Companies often post job openings and hiring updates on their social media accounts.

  7. Attend Career Fairs: Look out for tech and career fairs in Lelystad and nearby cities. These events provide direct access to hiring managers and information about current job openings.

  8. Contact Local Coworking Spaces: Reach out to coworking spaces and innovation hubs in Lelystad. They often have bulletin boards or newsletters with job listings and opportunities for collaboration.

By combining these strategies, you can effectively discover and apply for top IT vacancies in Lelystad.

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