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Imagine a world where colleges and universities look to truly understand applicants’ full potential beyond their grades, creating fairer opportunities for education.

Now, picture these schools equipped with tools to better nurture students throughout their academic journey, leading to the successful graduation of well-trained professionals.

Think about these professionals – doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, and more – reflecting the diverse makeup of our communities, bringing qualities like empathy, integrity, and cultural understanding into their new careers.

Our mission is to bring that world to life through our Admissions Assessments and Program Experience products.

Acuity Insights is an EdTech company with a strong sense of purpose. We’re at a new stage of growth, with a clear vision and focus. Our roots are firmly planted in health and medical education, and we’re branching out to provide our solutions to more markets, including business, law, data science and engineering schools.

You now have a chance to join Acuity Insights as an Enterprise Account Executive to champion our Admission Assessment products in new verticals in North America.

This opportunity is ideal for a purpose-driven Sales professional experienced in full-cycle sales and entering new and untapped markets. You’ve driven the sales process from strategic territory planning, lead generation, prospect engagement, deal negotiation, and post-sales support. You thrive in collaborative sales environments, uphold high ethical standards, and want to sell outcomes with social impact.

Opportunity & Impact

As an Account Executive on our Admission Assessments team, you’ll have a vital role in acquiring new customers for our company’s most prominent product, Casper. Hundreds of academic programs use our situational judgment test to measure applicants’ soft skills tied to social intelligence and professionalism in the admission process.

As part of a scaling team in a growth organization, you get to introduce products backed by 20+ years of research to schools ready to embrace a holistic admission approach. These solutions offer more than just financial benefits. They enable programs to:

  • Predict success, selecting candidates more likely to thrive in their program and beyond.
  • Optimize admissions, saving time and resources by selecting the most suitable candidates early in the admission process.
  • Support DEI admissions initiatives, finding high-potential applicants who might otherwise be overlooked.

With a $1M quota, you’ll explore new verticals in North America, including programs that will train and graduate the world’s future lawyers, data & computer scientists, biologists and psychologists. You’ll also tap into established markets like medical education.

Supported by our Enablement team, who will provide training and content for your outbound campaigns, and our Revenue Operations team, who will support your onboarding to our tech stack and tools, you’ll build and execute territorial plans complete with targets and forecasts.

You’ll create and initiate sales sequences, discovery calls, and webinars, collaborating with Product Marketing on messaging and value propositions. You’ll lead negotiations and close deals with assistance from the Finance team and others.

In collaboration with Customer Success, you’ll facilitate the introduction and transition of newly acquired customers, ensuring their successful onboarding and implementation.

You’ll be part of a Sales Team focused on one key metric: Closed/Won Deals. Your effectiveness is measured by how you track to target using quantitative data and a personalized dashboard.

You’ll know you’re successful when you consistently reach your target. You’ll thrive at Acuity Insights when you also contribute to process optimization and improvements and other initiatives that elevate our Sales team.

The Enterprise Account Executive position is a remote, individual contributor role reporting to Tyler Tennant (Director of Sales).

To thrive in the role, you:
  • Are a seasoned sales professional who has had a chance to build core functional sales skills like prospecting, forecasting, territory planning and management, and negotiation through varied experiences within sales, business development, consulting, and/or related roles.
  • Have built resilience and perspective going through multiple sales cycles, both good and bad, and have learned when and how to pivot and refocus your plan.
  • Sold solutions in Tech, Education, EdTech, Higher Education, Hospitals or related industries with 6-9 months or longer sales cycles, navigating a hierarchy of personas and multiple stakeholders, decision-makers or committees, and procurement and board approvals.
  • Have created territory plans and developed a strategic and organized approach to managing and maximizing sales/opportunities within market segments or geographies.
  • Held responsibility for multiple verticals where you’ve had to adapt the conversation to the audience within each vertical.
  • Bring experience and wisdom from breaking ground and establishing a foothold in an untapped market vertical.
  • Are accustomed to a high volume of outreach with a lower conversion rate and persistent with follow-ups even when you don’t hear back.
  • Welcome the chance to attend conferences and make onsite visits to prospective customers in the U.S. and Canada once per quarter on average to develop business and leads in person.
  • Enjoy adopting and leveraging technologies that enable your best work, like Salesforce to build and manage customer relationships, Gong for call recording and forecasting, MixMax for sales campaigns, and Highspot for enablement content.
To thrive at Acuity Insights, you are
  • Caring toward people. You show up, take time to listen and understand, encourage and support, and don’t shy away from providing feedback and, mentoring and teaching others to help them grow.
  • Curious by nature and open to possibilities. You like exploring, asking questions, listening, experimenting, and learning.
  • Driven to problem-solve independently and with collaborators, seek to continuously improve your skills, methods, and practices.
  • Adaptable with a preference for startup-like work environments where you can explore ways to contribute and create value, initiate and take ownership of your projects, and positively influence change.
  • At your best when you can manage your work, time, and priorities independently and ask for help when you get stuck or seek feedback.
  • Self-aware, with an understanding of your strengths and where you have growth opportunities.
  • Motivated by meaningful work and the chance to contribute to creating a world powered by everyone’s full potential.
Selection Process

To ensure an equitable and inclusive process, all candidates will receive equal consideration for an interview, whether applying, introduced as a referral or contacting the manager or recruiter directly.

We look at every resume. Your application is evaluated based on the human attributes and professional skills, experiences & impact communicated in your application.

We do not offer sponsorship if you apply from abroad. You must reside in Canada and be eligible to work here to be considered for an interview.

Interview Process

Our interview process is designed to be a two-way discovery and create space for meaningful conversations. We want to learn who you are as a human & professional, understand your experiences, assess your skills, and ensure alignment with our mission, values and business needs.

We encourage you to be curious and ask insightful questions throughout our conversations.

Here are the steps you can expect:

  • Application Review. A human, not an AI, reviews and assesses your application against the hiring criteria outlined in this job ad.
  • Intro Conversation. If invited to an interview, you’ll have a 45-60 minute phone call to discuss your background and interests and learn more about the company, team, role, and compensation with a Recruiter (Tine).
  • Meet The Manager. Have a 45-minute video call with your potential future manager (Tyler) to discuss your relevant experiences & skills and learn about the vision for the team and the role.
  • Take-Home Project. Prepare a scenario-based presentation that showcases your abilities relevant to the role.
  • Present Project & Meet the Team. During a 2.5-3-hour video call, you’ll get the chance to showcase your project to a group of potential future colleagues and have one-on-one conversations with them to learn more about life at Acuity Insights.
  • Wait For a Decision. Tyler consolidates and evaluates feedback from the interview team to make a hiring decision within 2-4 business days.
  • Offer of Employment & Reference Check. If we’ve established a match, we’ll invite you to an offer conversation. The offer is contingent upon the completion of a reference check.
Your Benefits
  • Fair Compensation. We offer salaries based on internal pay equity, market considerations, and responsible & sustainable financial practises.
  • Investment In Your Growth. Access an annual budget of $3,000 for your professional and personal development.
  • Remote Work & Flexible Hours. Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere within Canada and the autonomy to set your own schedule.
  • Self-Directed Vacation. Take charge of your vacation schedule and duration with unrestricted paid vacation days, supported and encouraged by your manager.
  • Collective Time Off. Join the team in disconnecting from work for two weeks at the end of the year and enjoy extra Fridays off throughout the year.
  • Other Paid Time Off. Take comfort in knowing you won’t feel a financial impact when you need time off due to a medical or family emergency, lose a loved one, or just need a day to nurture your mental health and well-being.
  • Parental Leave. Bond with your new addition, whether you are a birthing parent, non-birthing parent, or expanding your family through surrogacy or adoption.
  • Company Ownership. Get a piece of future profits with employee stock options granted on your start date.
  • GRSP Matching Program. Save for your future with our Group Registered Savings Plan in partnership with Wealthsimple. We match contributions up to 2% of your salary.
  • Comprehensive Health Coverage. Enroll yourself and your dependents in our health, dental, and life benefits plan through Equitable Life of Canada, starting from day one.
  • Holistic Wellness Support. Receive personalized support for your physical, mental, social and financial well-being needs through our membership with Cyno.
Get to Know Us

Acuity Insights is a Canadian product and research company established in 2014. We were founded on 15 years of research by co-founders Kelly Dore (Ph.D.) and Harold Reiter (M.D MEd), who invented our first product, Casper, a higher education admissions assessment, at McMaster University in Ontario.

In 2021, we partnered with a private equity firm. It enabled us to acquire One45, a healthcare education software company, expanding our team and offerings beyond Admission Assessments (Casper & Duet) to Program Management and Insights (One45 & Analytics) for higher education institutions.

Behind Acuity Insights, you’ll find a diverse team of 120+ caring, curious, and driven individuals collaborating remotely across Canada and some international locations.

We are committed to creating a supportive & collaborative culture built on respect for all individuals. We prioritize transparency, equity, and inclusion in our programs, policies and business operations.

Diversity and inclusion fuels innovation, builds better products, and contributes to healthier business outcomes. It’s our company’s strength and priority. We encourage individuals from non-traditional backgrounds or historically marginalized and underrepresented groups to apply and join us in helping higher education institutions implement and practise holistic and fair admission processes.

Thank you for considering Acuity Insights as your next workplace!

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