Content Marketing Intern


Content Marketing Intern

Peggy is reenvisioning the art market by establishing Art 2.0. Our mission at Peggy is to support the livelihoods of artists. Why? Because artists are the ultimate observers of society with messages to share that create change. What does this mission look like in the world? A world with art in every home. A world where liquidity in the art market is accessible to middle-market collectors. A world where collectors support artists and their observations of the world, the messages they have to share, and the change they create. Peggy creates new opportunities within the art market by making investment-grade art accessible, filling the untapped gap of resale activity in the middle market and shifting benefits to artists by enabling resale royalties. 


Being on the frontier takes visionary thinking, a flexible mindset and the ability to thrive in uncharted land. We value security, storytelling, straightforwardness and forward-thinking. Peggy is the place for you if you’re seeking personal and professional growth and to establish a new way of doing business in the art market. 


As a seed-stage startup, Peggy does not offer a rigid corporate structure. If you crave the structure, clarity and predictability of traditional corporate environments, Peggy might not be a place where you’ll thrive. We operate in an ambiguous environment by being curious, placing bets, shipping fast and learning from the outcomes. We are light on processes at Peggy, instead favouring relationships of high trust achieved through high impact. At our stage, exceptional competencies centre around leading, owning and prioritizing work that achieves business strategies. 

Motivations that excel at Peggy

  • Caring deeply about what you do and about establishing Art 2.0 

  • Being a visionary, experimenting and moving quickly 

  • Being resilient and resourceful in the face of ambiguity and thriving on (rather than enduring) change


As a Content Marketing Intern, your mission is to craft compelling and accessible content that brings art-related topics to a broader audience, enhances brand visibility, and engages the community with captivating narratives. You will have the opportunity to work alongside leaders in the art and tech world, learning firsthand about the intersection of these fields.



TikTok, Reels, and Social Media Creation 

  • Drive TikTok, Reels, and social media campaigns, from brainstorming to content creation and deployment, to increase community engagement.

  • Work closely with the marketing team to grasp the target demographic, ensuring alignment with overarching brand objectives and art themes.

  • Innovate with content styles, keep up with applicable trends, and employ organic outreach to achieve positive ROI.

Performance Analysis and Measurement

  • Evaluate content impact, focusing on user engagement metrics.

  • Employ data and analytical tools to understand user tendencies, shaping content approaches.

  • Monitor results of TikTok, Reels, and other social media campaigns, relaying findings to the team and proposing improvements.

Brand Voice and Messaging

  • Support in crafting Peggy’s voice and brand narrative, aiming for specification across diverse content mediums.

  • Research competitors to discern tactics and trends in both the art and tech domains, aiding in awareness and engagement strategies.

Team Collaboration and Growth Opportunity

  • Collaborate with team members across different departments, embracing opportunities to learn and grow in the areas of art and technology.

  • Proactively seek guidance from senior team members, leveraging their knowledge to enhance your professional development.


About you
  • Strong written communication skills, with the ability to convey complex ideas in an accessible manner.

  • An interest in art history, contemporary art, and related subjects.

  • Experience with video production and social media content creation.

  • Creative mindset with an analytical approach to content performance measurement.

  • Familiarity with social media scheduling platforms and tools for campaign tracking.

  • Previous experience in content creation, specifically TikTok, is a plus.

  • A passion for learning and growth, with a genuine interest in the intersection of art and technology.


  • Conception and implementation of content strategies, emphasizing TikTok, Reels, and other social media endeavors.

  • Positive engagement and growth across content platforms, contributing to brand visibility and community connection.

  • Continuous learning from experts in the art and tech fields, with a clear path for professional development.

Join our team and enter a world where you can blend your passion for art with cutting-edge technology. Embrace the challenge of crafting content that resonates, educates, and engages. Your art journey starts here.


Working at Peggy
  • Remote first/remote only

  • Peggy is based in Canada

  • Eastern Time preferred for this role

  • Please note that this role is open to current students looking for a co-op/internship opportunity.

  • In your application, please attach a Tiktok/Reel video that you have created, produced, or starred in. 

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