Director, Program

Teaching Lab

Director, Program for a 75+ employee (and growing) remote education non-profit providing professional learning to K-12 educators nationally
Type of Vacancy: Salaried, full-time
Start date: ASAP
Location: Remote/home office anywhere in the continental United States
Report to: Senior Director, Program
Supervises: Often supervises Manager(s), Program. Dependent on project, the Director, Program is often a Project Leader with project team supervision and leadership development responsibilities.
Compensation: The full salary range for this position is $106,000 – $160,335 annually. There are two types of experience being considered for this role: Experience that is directly relevant to the role and Total Working Experience, in all fields. This includes: internships and consulting work. In collaboration with the hiring manager, the People and Culture team calculates experience based on the candidate’s most current resume. When calculating the offer, consideration is given to candidates that possess additional qualifications (i.e., desired qualifications). Teaching Lab will generally cap salaries for new employees at 105% of the midpoint to allow for continued growth in the role over time.
Teaching Lab is an equal-opportunity employer committed to reflecting the diversity of the students we serve. We pursue equity as both a means and an end and enthusiastically welcome candidates of all backgrounds to apply for this role.
Teaching Lab is a nonprofit organization with a mission to fundamentally shift the paradigm of teacher professional learning to achieve educational equity. We envision a world where teachers and students thrive together in communities that enable life-long learning and meaningful lives.In partnership with teachers, we transform professional learning from the ground up to dramatically improve student outcomes. We also work with school, district, and state leaders to create the instructional systems necessary to support these changes. To learn more about Teaching Lab, explore our website at
The Director, Program helps set Teaching Lab programmatic goals, creates the systems and processes for meeting the goals, delegates work to team members, and leads the implementation of these systems and processes to meet the programmatic goals.
  • Implement excellent programmatic services 
  • The Director, Program manages programmatic projects and manages team members to successfully meet the goals of the projects; projects include but are not limited to: professional learning content development projects, professional learning implementation with state and district systems, etc.
  • Acts as a content area expert aligned with organizational needs, i.e., has some area of content expertise (like subject-area expertise in ELA, math, science, or social studies curriculum and/or instructional expertise, or general expertise in coaching for continuous improvement or state/system level leadership development, etc.) that they bring to bear on aligned projects as well as support team members to build their content expertise
  • Hold many different roles on multiple projects, given capacity, skills, competencies, and interests. This position will often hold the role of a Project Leader
  • The Director, Program will often hold the role as a Home Manager and, as applicable within the role, models the people manager-specific competency, and implements actions that support a positive work culture and increases productivity (e.g., provides feedback, coaching, counseling, training, development, etc.).
  • Maintain and renew contracts with clients to sustain impact on teacher and student learning; support on business development, as needed 
  • Engage in efficient and effective project management
  • Implement and support other team members to implement the project plans for assigned projects; if needed, identify needs for consultant support to complete projects on time and with high quality; supervise consultants 
  • Maintain partner project plans that track the execution of services related to scopes of work, and support other team members to maintain individual partner project plans for each project
  • Demonstrate strong organizational skills, time management, and workflow management while attending to the diverse needs of partners and keeping a radically responsive orientation
  • Develop systems, tools, and processes to support effective and efficient implementation of services to scale Teaching Lab’s partnerships and impact over time
  • Maintain contracts and invoices for each partner; collaborate with other team members and the Senior Director, Finance to ensure accurate invoices are sent and billed
  • Design high-quality, research based, user-centered professional learning content, services, and tools/resources 
  • Create materials and content for programmatic partnerships and courses
  • Engage in Teaching Lab’s user-centered design processes (engaging with Teacher Advisory Board, supporting pilot partnerships, developing rapid prototypes) and use learning and insights to inform design
  • Engage in Teaching Lab’s design process to develop content, including drafting, feedback cycles, pilot partnerships (as applicable), and finalization steps (e.g., adhere to Teaching Lab’s style and branding guidelines when developing new content)
  • Apply best practices for virtual and in-person adult learning in the design of professional learning content
  • Help shape the program for each partner aligned to partners’ goals 
  • Build, and continuously update knowledge of Teaching Lab’s programming and services, in order to knowledgeably suggest adaptations and customizations 
  • Develop a deep understanding of partner enabling conditions and needs to inform programmatic implementation plans
  • Support and train members of the Programmatic division
  • Provide appropriate training for team members aligned with Home Manager roles (e.g., supporting leadership development) and the Project Leader role (e.g., supporting high-impact implementation of partnerships)
  • Collaborate with the Director, Learning & Development to iterate on Coach/facilitator competencies and participate in coach/facilitator onboarding processes
  • Engage in cross-functional collaboration
  • Collaborate with Senior Directors, Program, Directors, Program and Managers, Program to continuously refine and develop high-quality professional learning content and implement professional learning
  • Work with Teaching Lab team members to identify and engage new and existing school system partners on scopes of work that drive towards impact and outcomes for teachers and students
  • Collaborate with the research and learning function to adapt and improve Teaching Lab’s high-quality data collection and impact evaluation processes
  • Engage in continuous learning
  • Stay abreast of key research and guidance in the field, attend learning experiences to build skills and competencies in project management, client management, coaching, and adult facilitation
  • Engage in personal and organized learning opportunities as a team member at an organization which champions racial equity and centers anti-racism
  • Create and deliver training to other team members on core skills or competencies within the Director, Program role which is also transferable and critical for other roles
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Director, Program and/or Executive Team.
  • The Director, Program is accountable for achieving goals set in collaboration with their manager, aligned with FY24 goals, and especially, programmatic-specific Key Success Indicators (KSI) like: 
  • Advance Educational Equity: Educators engage in high-impact, multi-disciplinary, curriculum-based, and culturally-responsive learning experiences.
  • 10% improvement between beginning and end of year in educators equitable mindsets, and self-reported CRSE practices, disaggregated by teacher demographics, where available.
  • Increase Teacher and Student Learning: All professional learning improves teacher content knowledge, practice and student learning.
  • 10% improvement between beginning and end of year in teacher content knowledge, observed teacher practice, and student learning, disaggregated by teacher and student demographics, where available.
  • Be Responsive to Educators: Teaching Lab professional learning responds to local needs, builds on assets, and supports educators to embrace an evidence-based and high-impact approach.
  • Teacher NPS >50 
  • Other educator NPS >50
  • Client (buyer) NPS >50
  • Each multi-year partnership demonstrates the following: At least 10 point growth over prior year FY23 NPS for teachers, other educators, and clients
  • Renewal rate >90%
  • 95% of contracted services or equivalent dollar amount are delivered 
  • 80% of clients surveyed say, “Teaching Lab helped us advance our goals.”
  • People Managers: I will inspire, enable, empower, coach and support team members to develop competencies and achieve goals.
  • 80% of open positions (employee and contractor) on my team are filled within 10 weeks from the time of posting
Employee Onboarding & Orientation
  • New employees on my team transition seamlessly to their team: 100% of employees receive and meet with their assigned buddy within two (2) weeks of completing onboarding with the People & Culture team
  • 100% of new employees on my team complete onboarding and orientation training assignments within the first 90 days of employment
Employee Learning & Development
  • 100% of my team will engage in professional development throughout the year via use of the annual Total Well-being funds, Boon Health coaching and/or LinkedIn Learning courses 
Performance Development System (PDS)
  • 100% of employees on my team are engaged in all relevant phases of the performance development system (PDS)
  • 80% of my direct reports who engage in the PDS report, at each phase, agree that the Home Manager provided coaching or timely feedback regarding their performance.
  • 80% of my direct reports agree that they are receiving valuable, values- and competency-aligned leadership coaching from their Home Managers
People Management 
  • 100% positive employee retention on my team, with intentional performance management to counsel out employees who are not performing and contributing to the overall mission
Leadership Competencies
  • Demonstrates growth in competencies on a scale
  • 80% of direct reports agree that they are receiving meaningful feedback and coaching about their leadership competency development
  • Project Lead: I will effectively lead my project teams to positive outcomes. Operate efficiently and equitably: Develop and refine internal operational structures and systems to allow all team members and contractors to do their best work every day
  • 90% of employees on the projects that I lead agree that they “have the data or information I need to do my work right” 
  • 90% of employees on the projects that I lead agree that the work processes and procedures are clear and sufficient 
  • 80% of open positions (employee and contractor) on my projects are filled within 10 weeks from the time of posting
  • Team members receive meaningful feedback for growth throughout the year: Project report cards and the PDS focus on direct feedback and growth.
  • 80% of employees on the projects that I lead say they received meaningful feedback from Project Scorecards
  • As applicable, within the role, model the radical commitments for our values.
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Three or more years combined experience directing projects and leading teams
  • Experience creating the strategy for a team or business function
  • Three or more years combined experience planning and implementing projects
  • Track record of effective people management aligned to equity values
  • Three or more years combined experience working with partners outside of their organization to manage workflow or deliver services
  • Experience setting goals, creating the systems and processes for meeting the goals for educational programming
  • Five or more years combined experience working in PK-12 education, with minimum of two years experience teaching PK-12 students from traditionally underserved backgrounds with demonstrated evidence of impact
  • Three or more years combined experience leading or coaching the implementation of HQIM (in any subject area)
  • Deep knowledge and experience with Common Core or College- and Career-Ready math or ELA content and practice standards
  • Experience designing and facilitating impactful professional learning for educators
  • Experience facilitating impactful professional learning for educators
  • Experience leading relationships with clients and stakeholders in an education context
  • Deep understanding of the specified curriculum, including its design and component parts
  • Experience providing professional learning supports and services in and for consultative organizations
  • Demonstrated experience scaling programmatic programs
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule to support operational needs
  • Ability to perform the essential project, duties and responsibilities with or without accommodation
  • All team members are expected to support program/project needs which could mean that you play multiple roles at Teaching Lab (i.e., project lead, support, subject matter expert, etc.). 
  • Travel could be required for the role.  Travel is determined based on business needs and can vary depending on partnership/contract requirements.
  • Teaching Lab seeks to fundamentally shift the paradigm of teacher professional learning by reaching more educators every year with the highest impact programming.
Teaching Lab’s ultimate goals are:
  • Educators learn more than they would without us
  • Students learn more than they would without us, in a way that cannot be predicted by race, gender, or family income
  • Educators we serve say they love our approach, and they want to keep doing it to advance educational equity
All employees are expected to embrace Teaching Lab Values, which are necessary to develop Teaching Lab Competencies, which help us to achieve our Ultimate Goals.
  • Collaboration & Responsive Service
  • Resilient Solution-Finding
  • Research & Learning With Humility
  • Accountable Excellence
  • Equity & Justice
Application Terms & Conditions:
I understand that any falsification or omission of information from this Employment Application can disqualify me from employment (includes rescinding an offer of employment or if hired, employment termination). 
I understand that this Employment Application is not an offer of employment.  If employed, employment is at will, and either party can terminate the employment relationship at any time. 
I understand that if I am offered a conditional offer of employment, it would be contingent upon successful pre-work checks, which include references and verifications/checks for a social security number, education, employment, criminal records search (national and county), global watch list, and sex offender status.  Depending on a specific partnership/contract requirement, the criminal background check process could include fingerprinting.  At Teaching Lab’s discretion and with an individual’s signed consent, other checks could be completed based on the nature of the position.  Moreover, I understand that Teaching Lab participates in a background monitoring service that provides updates for criminal records and sex offender status.   
I understand that if I am offered and accept an offer of employment, I will be required to complete an Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9), and provide supporting documents within three days of my hire date.  Non-compliance will result in termination of employment.  Teaching Lab participates in E-Verify and will provide the federal government with your Form I-9 information to confirm that you are authorized to work in the U.S. If E-Verify cannot confirm that you are authorized to work, Teaching Lab is required to give you written instructions and an opportunity to contact the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or Social Security Administration (SSA) so you can begin to resolve the issue before any action is taken against you, including terminating your employment.  Teaching Lab can only use E-Verify once you have accepted a job offer and completed the Form I-9.  EVerify and Right to Work posters.
I understand that if I am offered and accept an offer of employment, I am required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 within eight (8) weeks of their start date.  All exemptions must be reviewed and approved by the People & Culture Team.  
I understand that if I am offered and accept an offer of employment, if I have a need for an accommodation related to a disabling (medical) condition that the request must be communicated to People & Culture for review and approval.  All requests will be considered as part of the Americans with Disabilities Interactive Process.  
I understand that if I am offered and accept an offer of employment, I must disclose all outside work (non-Teaching Lab) positions as an employee, contractor, consultant, advisor, board member, officer, director, or equity owner with any organization deemed to be a competitor organization or a conflict organization to Teaching Lab. Unless obtained the written consent of the Chief Executive Officer of Teaching Lab, I understand that I will not engage in or undertake any such other outside (non-Teaching Lab) position.
I understand that if I am offered and accept an offer of employment, I must undergo a 90 day introductory period.  During this time, appropriateness for the role and performance are evaluated.  At the end of the 90 day introductory period, Teaching Lab and/or the employee can end the employment relationship at will.
Teaching Lab has a payroll direct deposit program.  I understand that if I am employed, I am not required to enroll in Teaching Lab’s payroll direct deposit program, and I would be paid via a paper check.
I understand that if I am employed, all work materials/resources that are provided by Teaching Lab are considered property of Teaching Lab, and are solely for the use of work for Teaching Lab.
I understand that if I am employed, I will be required to sign acknowledgment of receipt and abide by all policies and procedures, requirements, and expectations as outlined in the Employee Handbook.
In relation to the position that I am applying for, I voluntarily give Teaching Lab consent to make a thorough investigation of my background, and release from liability all parties in connection with the supply and use of such information. 
The submission of my application serves as acknowledgment and agreement to the above terms and conditions.

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