Sr. Machine Learning Engineer


The Company

At Bigeye, our mission is to help our customers make magic with data.

We built some of the most widely adopted tools at companies like Uber and saw how swift teams move when they have a great data toolchain. Now, Bigeye is building best-of-breed tools for analysts, data scientists, and data engineers on data teams everywhere. 

At Bigeye, we are re-envisioning data quality with the premier data observability platform. In less than 15 minutes, customers instrument data sources with thousands of data quality metrics and anomaly detection algorithms that proactively alert them to issues. With Bigeye, data teams prevent customer-facing data outages, save expensive engineering hours, and build greater faith in the data.


The Work

Today, we’re focused on one of the most painful aspects of DataOps: observability and outages.

Most teams still discover data outages – duplicated, missing, and unexpected data – after they impact application features, dashboards, ML models, and ultimately, their stakeholders. We’re building a data observability platform to monitor their data content and alert them early so they can triage and reply instantly.


What you’ll be doing

  • Lead the effort for Bigeye to develop industry-leading anomaly detection in the field of data quality 

  • Build, maintain, and iterate upon Bigeye’s anomaly detection ML algorithms end-to-end, including infrastructure as well as ML models

  • Define and measure KPIs for Bigeye’s anomaly detection system

  • Deploy the ML models to production and integrate them with our production systems

  • Implement monitoring and alerting systems to ensure the ongoing health of deployed models. Continuously improve and retrain models as needed to adapt to changing data and business needs.


We’re currently working with

  • Java

  • Python

  • R

  • RabbitMQ

  • Flask

  • S3

  • MySQL


What You Bring

  • 5+ years of experience as an ML engineer, working on both ML ops as well as developing ML models

  • 5+ years of experience working in Java, R, and Python

  • Experience working with a Service Oriented Architecture in a cloud environment

  • Proven passion for uncovering and unraveling real customer problems

  • Excitement about being an early team member

  • Clear and straightforward communication. We’ll be building some intricate products as a team, so clarity matters.

Preferred Skills (Optional)

  • Experience working with ML forecasting and anomaly detection

  • Experience with AWS, especially s3

  • Experience with asynchronous workflows, especially RabbitMQ   


Our Principles

Solve real problems. Bigeye solves real problems for real data teams, and Bigeye Engineering prioritizes those problems above all else. Engineering must be equally aware of customer needs as sales and customer support, and constantly re-evaluate whether what we are building is relevant.


Use boring technology. Success comes from building great products that solve real challenges for customers, not from satisfying our own technical curiosities. If a solution for a problem exists internally, we leverage or extend the solution. If this is a new space, we evaluate existing external solutions before committing to building something from scratch.


Build fast, zoom out often. We make customers happy by solving their problems faster than anyone else can (including themselves!), and that means not getting crushed by our scale or complexity. Bigeye Engineering makes time to extract commonalities into the platform layer, pay down technical debt, and with more information around problem spaces, rethink designs and architectures, and rebuild when we have to.



Salary Expectations
  • Base salary of $170,000-$194,000, depending on experience

    • Curious about how we determined this range? Ask about our process!


Bigeye aims to treat real problems for real data teams using boring technology. Success comes from building great products that address real obstacles for customers, not from satisfying our own technical curiosities.

  • Generous salary and equity opportunity

  • Remote first – Live where you want in the US

  • Medical, Dental and Vision to keep you healthy

  • Health and Wellness package

  • 401k plan to help you save for the future

  • Generous PTO to have fun

  • Receive an elite technology package to make work easier

  • Stipend to make your home office more comfortable 


Bigeye is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any sort. We do celebrate diversity and believe experience comes in different forms; many techniques are transferable; and passion goes a long way. Diversity in our team makes for more creative thinking, and ultimately a better product and company culture.

Even more important than your resume is a clear demonstration of impact, initiative, and the aptitude to thrive in a collaborative environment. Bigeye aspires to have an inclusive work environment; so if you are hard working & good at what you do then please come as you are.  We want you to contribute, grow, & learn at Bigeye and we encourage you to apply if your experience is close to what we’re looking for.

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